Monday, January 08, 2007

Dear All

Please find attached the tutorial sheet for my portion of F12SYN. I promise that this will be much more interesting than any Sudoku puzzlebook you might find in your stocking!

In any case please complete the following:
(i) arrange a date for your tutorial with your tutor for the weekstarting 8th January.
(ii) Hand in your work for marking at least two days in advance.

Have fun.

owh tutorial rupenye,oh turkey twizzler dan juge pheasant plucker..

reaction apekah turkey n pheasant ni,xpenah blaja pn..

ala,susahnye synthesis die,xreti..retro la hetero la diX la..

xde pn dlm glossary clayden turkey twizzler,pheasant plucker pn xde

oh betape melayunye saye..

turkey twizzler,

n pheasant plucker,

ye,ini amat menarik en james..wlpn sy xreti sgt sudoku itu,tp sy yakin soklan2 ini amat menarik

trime kasih


nik5564 said...

uhuhu..tak reti langsung nk jwb tutorial tuh..

huda said...

huhu..kalo ko g praktis lagu pheasant plucker tu msti dh cekap dh ari2 dok tgk soklan tutorial,...(sile sambung sndri)