Saturday, December 29, 2007

we're outlaws we're street gangs
we're the insolent ones,nothing pleases us
hold a tight rein on us, and it will brew trouble
we're hopeless, so what?
we don't give a damn if you look down on us
we're nothing, we care for nothing
why this wall of silence between us?
there is a wall between us
teachers give up on us
parents think we're insensible
society's expectation exceeds our imagination
smart kids must be good,they say
looking down on us doesn't mean you're better
who cares why we lose direction?
nobody gives a thought to how the apple rots?
we tried to win consensus
how much hope have you given us?
tears are dried, the future's bleak
we are lost souls, what should we do?
punishment is your method to make us grow
it destroys all our hopes and ambitions
you need a key
focus on their talents and not their flaws
standing at a crossroad,bellowing in the wind
don't kill our hopes
teachers give up on us
parents blame us for being insensible
society's expectation exceeds our imagination

~i'm not stupid too~

as a muslim,a member of society, a daughter, a student, a future teacher, a future wife, a future mother, a friend, a neighbour, a buyer, a customer, a passenger, a rentee..their voices hv place in my heart..its something not-to-be-neglected..see the people around u, find the key

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