Sunday, April 20, 2008


presenting the first newborn in our family..

YASMIN NABILAH BINTI ZULHILMI (masih belum berdaftar kt jpn lg mase sy tulis ni..xpe beya,opah kan keje buat daftar lewat,jgn risau)

u look so sihat la beya

pipi beya mcm ummi je huhu

sweet smile..keep smiling dear

..born on the April,17th (wt 2.7kg),hosp sg buloh
..still in the neonatal intensive care unit,got some problems during delivery

mase mule2 ummi dpt ur pics from ur ayah, ternanges gk..syukur sgt to see u alive+kesian tgk wyr2+sbb u cute sgt+i sensed ur smile in the 3rd pic.(NB i started calling myself ummi since apr,17th huhu) excited to see u..u r so damn cute dear..very2 adorable..oh oh oh (i wasn't there on ur parents wedding, wasn't there also when u were born..sory so much dear,but i promise u i got so many cute-posh-pinky clothes for u,wait for ummi eh)

teringat satu verse quran dr surah al-balad(90:4)..penah go thru tafsir mase dlm usrah dlu

لَقَدْ خَلَقْنَا الإِنسَـنَ فِى كَبَدٍ
Verily, We have created man in Kabad (in hardship n seeking livehood)

syed qutb kate dlm fizilal quran..mmg proses kejadian manusia sndri tuh pn dh susah,n detik2 die nk lahir kt dunia pn die dh stat susah..anak ngan ibu same2 berusaha,pastu waktu anak tuh first nk bernafas sndri kt luar,n jengukkan diri kt luar,proses ni mmg susah mmg sukar..n a very2 crucial moment.

nabilah..smg beya kuat ye,byk lg yg beya kene tempuh kan dunia strong dear..don't ever2 give up, u don't hv to worry to live in this world, Allah has given us the manual to follow..come on,join us to become ummatan wasoto as Allah mentioned in the strong,be strong..strive hard ya!!

for ur ibu n ayah [ie abg n k ina],u guys hv to be strong also..ini dunia barumu..u got anak utk dicorakkan,don't let urselves dipersalahkan nnt,paint her well..paint her with all good values recommended by Allah n rasulullah..let's tegakkan taqwa's flag in her heart,keep the fujur's flag buried far far away.

hey ummi..u hv to be strong also ya,wake up wake up..lg 3minggu je ur journey to final
penat u blaja dr tadika,don't ever2 give up la..sket lg je

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