Tuesday, April 08, 2008

i feel bad..really2 bad
sy takut dgn mase lps sy
pls..sape yg sy berhutang dgnnya do claim eh
sape2 yg sy ade buat salah dgnnya, do inform me spy sy bole mintak maaf
kalo x kt sy,do tell my family
sape2 yg berhutang dgn sy, it's ok if u can't make it..just hope that u'll pray for my keselamatan n kesejahteraan in this life, the Hereafter and on the D-day (day of judgement)

between reality n fantasy; i could not differentiate both

so, do tell me..which is reality n which's fantasy

ya Allah, make me strong to face this world as i couldn't bare to face the torments of hereafter.

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